Friday, June 01, 2007

DSL, Wow.

It is probably old news to those of you with DSL, but I am very new to it, like a few hours new to it, this is pretty darn cool. I worked a pretty good deal with ole Qwest for a bundled account of phone, long distance, DSL on business line and got a wireless DSL. The desk top PC is ether net connected and the new Vista based lap top is wireless.

A lot of readers may not know that writing my articles is the smaller time consumption part of the deal, much more time has been spent researching, primarily on line. Of that research time the 56k modem was eating a great deal of time - something I have in short supply, since I have to work very hard for a living and my wife likes some time as well. The land line has been a no call mess whenever the computer was online and that's a nuisance especially since it just rang in the caller's ear (call waiting).

I've discovered already that both computers can work online at the same time, pretty cool. There are still some details to be worked out regarding my previous ISP, I'm not willing to lose my email address, it is in way too wide circulation for me to let it go - people who need to get in contact fairly infrequently, but importantly. It has enough advantages to be worth the price for me, I'm not sure about everyone, but I have good reasons for it.

I guess the upshot is that this may improve my posting frequency and maybe even improve the quality by increasing research time.


KISS said...

And what would you think if you could have high speed wireless for free? If the legislature would get off their highly paid ass and pass the needed legislation we could all enjoy high speed Internet. I have slow DSL and it is fine for me, but free would be a lot better. I don't mind ads that pay for it. The big telecommunications are working overtime to outlaw the WI-FI that is working well for free. Even the Big O has been bought off by Quest and Verizon. Rogoway is the paid reporter doing the hatchet job on Portland's free WI-FI.

Chuck Butcher said...

Free is better, but, it still has to be paid for with taxes. I suppose the question is whether people in general want to pay for it. We net users do need to remember that many people don't use the net.

KISS said...

Wi-Fi is free to users in Philadelphia, and Portland among others. No tax money involved..just advertising, some hardware may be needed but so does DSL.[ modem or router] So users and non-users are not footing the bill. This is why big telecoms are spending millons and millons of bucks trying to outlaw WI-FI.

Chuck Butcher said...

I do know that WiFi has blind spots in Portland and other places, I have none on my property with the wireless modem.

Fred said...

You all need to keep in mind that Wifi, especially open networks that haven't been secured, are an invite to someone accessing your computer.

I use wifi when traveling, even unsecured networks if that's all that's available, but I prefer hard line dsl when possible. That's what I use at home.

Chuck Butcher said...

I am on hardline DSL with a wireless modem, secured.