Thursday, June 07, 2007

I Tried To Warn Steve Novick

I really did try. I like his policy statements, read that again, Chuck for... is FOR somebody. Lately I've gotten to do a lot of yelling at certain dunderheads and really what I like to do is say, "WAY to go!" so I wrote Steve and warned him that being associated with the likes of me is risky. He was unconcerned, and flattering about it. Well, if he's got the nerves I better come up with the words.

Some of you may remember that I ran in the 5/15/06 Democratic Primary for 02 CD US House, Greg Walden's seat. I spent a lot of time considering and polishing my policy statements, I wanted them to be relevant and reflective of exactly who I am. That means I spent a lot of time researching and developing and I was pretty proud of what I had. I see the same commitment to the ordinary citizen in Steve's policy statements and the same willingness to go outside the status quo to get there. I'm darned impressed. Go see him at Steve Novick for US Senate to see what he has to say himself. I'll tell you enough to get you interested.

On Health care
Steve knows the system is broken and wants to work toward a single payer system, but without the severe dislocations caused by a sudden change. He's dedicated to it.

Energy Independence and Global Warming
In favor of one and not the other - kidding. Investments and controls and a basic change in direction.

Get out, but before we leave give the Baker Hamilton Study a shot.

Government Waste
It is a real problem but unlike those who just talk about it (GS?) Steve has plans and some actual targets. I'd rather not be on that list.

Working Men and Women
You've got my ear Steve. I'm about tired of hearing about the middle class (I'm way more tired of hearing how we need to help the wealthy) the folks that've taken a beating for longer than GWB has been in the White House need to be represented and they're the little guy.

Social Security, Tax Fairness, Defense Spending, and Net Neutrality are all addressed and every one of the proposals and concerns looks out for the average citizen and the weak. It isn't a case of class warfare, it's about simple justice. Oh...I can't stand it, class warfare has been waged for nearly 7 years by BushCo and it's time somebody shot back and Steve will do it, without blowing up the works.

Gordon Smith could run a pea picking plant, you should see this resume, nope - you go on over there and see about Steve and if you're not impressed there's not much that will. I'm not too easy to impress, in fact I'm a hard nosed son of a gun, well this will certainly do.

Finally I'm going to tell you again just how expensive it is to run a campaign in a state this size, gasoline alone is a killer, much less all the rest of it. Here's something you may not know, early money is worth multiples of later money. That early money raises the interest factor and the recognition factor which multiplies the later money raising opportunities. That doesn't begin to count the value that the grassroots money has in demonstrating voter interest, that is huge. So, I'll do some of the dirty work, there's an Actblue button in the side bar that will go right to Steve Novick for US Senate and it is a worthwhile investment in our future, and Gordon Smith's as well, there's a pea factory that needs him way more than we do.


Chuck Butcher said...

I'm going to be so ticked off if this doesn't feed.

KISS said...

I know of 10 votes that are in his basket from our family. Maybe those that ask me at election time another 8-10. Without [ is this harping?] the conservative vote he is dead in the water. He needs a solid southern appeal. Your closer to the newspapers of south-central Oregon, how will they treat Novick? He would do well to meet with their editorial board and get them on his side..if they think he is pandering he's dead meat.

Torrid said...

KISS raises a good point, Chuck. If Steve is to do well, he will need support in the nether regions of the state. It will fall on activists like yourself to promote Steve in the hinterlands. We'll help however we can from the WillValley, but somebody out there has to do the heavy lifting. As a start, how about establshing a "Baker County for Novick" group?

Kevin said...

Novick certainly has my interest, but I am waiting to see the entire field before narrowing it down to one candidate.

What I can tell you is that I have never voted against Gordon Smith. Never. But I will vote against him in '08. The only question is who I will vote for.

Chuck Butcher said...

This is a start. There is something else in the works as well. You guys want to remember that I'm a long ways from the south, Meford is an all day drive, I've dont that stuff... And I'm far from rich.

maloney said...

Steve has already been all over the state, and has gotten donations coming in from all parts of the state as well.

Despite being a (gasp) lawyer, he's not incredibly wealthy, and understands the school of progressive populism very well. I think that Smith is actually going to have a harder time connecting with the less urbanized areas of the state. I think when people listen to Steve talk, they'll be less concerned about party affiliation and more about who is really in touch with the needs of rural (and urban!) Oregon.

::Hint, it's not Smith...::

Steve Culley said...

Gordon Smith got the message and voted with the Americans who were against the comprehensive amnesty bill but It's too late for him to win back his base. The trouble now is that we are going to have to decide on sending a democrat to congeress in Smith's place and GWB sure showed his uniter side on immigration. The democrats fell into line on amnesty. Any chance we can find a good independent to run?
The Smith make over, against the war and against amnesty. What next, taxing the rich?
Smith said he could always go home and pick peas, well bless his pea pickin heart, I think he should but now I want to know Steve 's stand on immigration.

Orygunner said...

Ditto what Steve Culley said. Immigration is an uncompromisable issue for me, and one that I'll be basing my vote on. I cannot support anyone who thinks amnesty or "guest workers" are a good thing for America. Both Smith and Wyden fall squarely into that camp.

The environment is another uncompromisable issue for me, and given his background, it definitely sounds like Novick will pass muster on this issue with flying colors. I wonder if this will limit his appeal to rural Oregonians.

And how about gun rights? Most Dems (Chuck being a rare exception) aren't exactly what I'd call strong on the Second. Any idea where Novick falls on this issue? The anti-gun Dems in Congress will almost certainly introduce some prohibitionist measures after 2008---we need all the pro-liberty people in the Senate we can get.

Chuck Butcher said...

I have found that Dems and the 2nd is more of a Republican talking point (BS) han actuality. There certainly are some Dems and some Repubs on the wrong side of that. The DPO site has the GOC - Gun Owners Caucus - site which has Resolution 2005-008 which is pretty clear.

The amnesty bill seems to be stuck, maybe with some more thought something much better can be done. See my stance in several places.

Orygunner said...

I don't know about that Chuck. I live in Portland and pretty much all the liberals/progressives I've talked to about guns are very strongly anti-gun. These sentiments are regularly reflected in the comments on BlueOregon and Air America. I'm boycotting Air America because of the anti-gunowner hatred they were spewing after Virginia Tech.

And here is what the Democratic Party's official platform has to say about their views on gun rights:
We will protect Americans' Second Amendment right to own firearms, and we will keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists by fighting gun crime, reauthorizing the assault weapons ban, and closing the gun show loophole, as President Bush proposed and failed to do.

In other words, they're going to "protect" gun rights through even more gun control. This is nothing more than doublethink BS, and intellectually insulting BS at that. Hell, the last presidential candidate they ran was one of the worst gungrabbers in the Senate. Kerry never saw a gun control law he didn't fall all over himself to vote for.

No, unless the Dems can dig up some really outstanding candidates who refuse to toe the party line (Defazio!), I won't be voting for any more D's.

Steve Culley said...

Sorry Chuck, when you say democrat in rural America you think gun control. Bill Clinton fixed that image in stone. remember the million mom marches, and the term "assualt weapon"?
Ever try to get a banning bunny to desribe one? Keeping in mind that the 1934 Federal Firearms Act required a stamp on any weapon that fired more than one projectile per trigger pull then didn't issue any stamps. Since 1934 there have been no weapons that fired coninuously, except in Hollywood and in the minds of gun banners and sorry to say they are overwhelmingly urban democrats.

Chuck Butcher said...

Ok guys, the DPO statement on the 2nd is all I've had time to work on. I really don't care about the other one at this point, I'll do what I can, but there are limits to my reach. This is Oregon we're talking about, Novick is not a DLC candidate nor is he a DNC candidate. He's an Oregon candidate and DPO's statement is clear. Steve hasn't made any "official statements" that I know of. Minus that, tarring him with the national brush and Republikan spin is unfair and silly. If I were in Steve's position, I wouldn't do anymore than point at the DPO Resolution and keep my head down. That's his call, but you want to remember that He accepted an endorsement before it was made. That doesn't mean he agrees with everything I write.

Orygunner said...

You're right. I'll wait to pass judgement on Novick---it's still REALLY early in the season---but gun rights is something he'll probably be asked about. It's certainly something I'll be basing my vote on---not the only thing, but it's not an issue I'll compromise on.