Friday, June 08, 2007

Post Analysis

The last day I've been watching the site meter closely trying to see what is going on. Because my site is based in Oregon it is not surprising that Steve Novick was by far and away the leader in interest, by clicks. Most of those were Oregon based, but a few were out of state including US House infosys.

What particularly interested me was Mitt Romney, my post on Romney led with a title indicating he lies. Now in a blue state like OR that sure wouldn't be a bar to coming in, but there were several UT readers coming in from Google searches and those would have led with the title. NV had a few coming in from Google searches. The searches all were either "Mitt Romney" or "Romney" and came from much of the nation and even a couple foreign countries. The in "clicks" from Blue Oregon and Loaded Orygun to the Mitt story are no surprise and neither were the Novick ones. These two blogs send a lot of readers, mostly from the OR Lefty Blog feed.

I was rather surprised to find that the link I'd put in a short blurb on Central Sanity provided so little traffic to the Romney story. There had been a question about his statement, which I made clear. Either there was little amnesia going on over there or and entire lack of interest, on the basis of no evidence I have no idea.

My foreign readership is increasing, most of that is coming into the front page and is deliberate. I have no idea if most are expats or just interested foreign nationals, the one from India is Indian. I'm not sure it's safe for the Iranian to be coming around, I seldom have much to say about the cretins who run that country, but I have little respect for authority for its own sake. The same goes for the Saudi, I am happy to live in a place fairly safe for the lack of "respect."

For what it's worth, Blog Net News has me ranked tied for #3 as most clicked post - twice - and tied for 4th in most clicked Blog. Now it's kind of hard to take that too seriously since the ranks put me ahead of Blogs that are seriously more read and considerably more influential, not that I'm in sight on the Most Influential. I only toss this in here because it amused me. Really, it's for amusement's sake only.

By the time you read this, Chuck for... should have passed 12,200 visits, I appreciate all those who've stopped by. I do this because I won't take abuse lying down and I won't ignore the good things that are done. If I've provided some amusement, information, or food for thought for others then I've had my efforts validated,


Anonymous said...

This California blogger just wants to read all the varied opinions on Romney and ocassionally interject a comment or two.

Chuck Butcher said...

welcome to Chuck for..., you're welcome to have your say anytime. I won't tolerate flame wars and absolute rudeness - I have a delete key, but I don't moderate and I don't interfere. I like truth and straight talk.