Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fred Thompson, So?

Some Republicans are getting all 'het up' that Fred Thompson seems to be running in the Primary. I'm not sure what it is, Hollywood? I've seen him compared to Ronnie, I seriously doubt he's got the charm to cover as much incompetence as Ronnie demonstrated. R R is hero to the very people going nutz over illegal immigration amnesty - his deal, and we're paying for it now; terrorism - he could have had them in Beirut, pussed out even though he knew who and where; corruption - maybe 2nd only to some other real pieces of work, though not close to GWB; fiscal responsibility - give me a break, Presided over the greatest deficit up until then, tax break and break the govt. Charming and folksy were his achievements, good in a dog, not much of a recommendation for POTUS.

And Thompson is different from the current crop exactly how? A consistent conservative, oh sure, 1 1/2 Senate terms and... A real resume - actor, lobbyist, Senator, minority counsel to Watergate, and??? Which R is he supposed to be an improvement over? I don't think it would take much to improve on the current crop, but I just don't see it.

Politico has the story, but what's interesting is the comments. Desperation?


Steve Culley said...

wrote a reply then tried to edit, then it all went away and my computer froze up. Lost all that great prose. So a shortened version.
Being a native born eastern Oregon boy I can recognize a snake in the grass when I see one. That's Rudi. A manipulator.
Nothing good can come from New York. If you are for wide open borders, unrestricted abortion, and gun banning pick a Rudi, Hillary, Bloomberg, Pataki, Schumer etc. Could be the gas fumes or over crowding. It's time to let Canada have New York.
I like this race. Many candidates. Let's not let the media pick one of each party for at least a year.
And again. I hear rattles whenever Rudi speaks.

Zak J. said...

Thompson's appeal is certainly being driven by the current Republican front runner: a pro-choice, anti-2nd Amendment, doubly divorced, gay-friendly, North easterner probably to the left of the DLC on those and many other issues.

Giuliani may well win the Republican nomination, and break the bizarre coalition of evangelicals, robber barons, and suburban defenders of white privilege (especially southern ones) Reagan cobbled together in the 80s. (Fiscal conservatives clearly left the coalition by 2004, if not earlier, based on W.'s budgets.) If Giuliani wins the nomination and evangelicals stick with him, it will only show they were never serious about their agenda and it was all just about aesthetics and power all along. I think the sincere ones are looking for anyone else but Rudi and McCain right now and not seeing a lot of hope--hence the buzz around Thompson.

Chuck Butcher said...

I agree he's no Giuliani, but what vacume does he fill other than that one? RG is no shoe-in, it's way early. I'll note that Hillary with 32% really means 68% don't want her.

KISS said...

Fred Thompson is of the old school behind closed doors and dealing for his benefit. Remember when he spoke of lobbing as an honest profession? I guess John Dillinger was OK too. I can't legally get my meds from Canada...a very good neighboring country that is lawful in the eyes of our government. But Fred and George[ JFK, also] smoke Cuban cigars that are illegal contraband. Above the laws of us mortals? What Freakin' hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Thompson is a right-wing extremist, a supporter of King Smirky's War, a foe of abortion rights and health care. His positions are far out of the mainstream and I don't believe he'd have a chance in the general election, despite his familiarity from his TV show and his supposed "gravitas" (meaning mainly that he has a gravel voice and a face like a bulldog).

BTW my favorite performance of his was as the admiral in "Hunt for Red October," where he uttered the memorable line to Alec Baldwin: "Son, your typical Russian doesn't take a dump without a plan."

Chuck Butcher said...

The only (R) that I don't think is an absolute jerk is Ron Paul and I don't go with most of his stuff, but he is at least not a knee jerk (R) or 9/11 idjit.