Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summers of Love

For those of you who missed it and those who've forgotten, please read Glenn W Smith's post on this and then the comments. He's reached back into his memory and brought forward something compelling. It's way too good for me to summarize.


Steve Culley said...

In July of 1966 I jumped off a hay rake back on the farm and landed in a Vietnamese rice paddy right after Christmas. I didn't last long. I got knocked out by an explosion from a VC or one of our own 3.5 rocket's back blst. I ended up in a casual company on Okinawa walking guard duty in the transit barracks. The cherries were going to Nam and the vets were heading home. I spent a month or so at Oak Knoll Naval hospital carrying the mail around the wards as I waited for my discharge. There were lots of amputees there. On the weekends we could get a pass to go into San Francisco. That's where I heard about the Summer of love. Stopped in at a coffee shop near the corner of Haight and Ashburry and met a guy who said he was flying on acid. Went back to hospital where the wounded were sleeping on morphine. Didn't get any of that free love. Guess it was the Marine hair cut.
Got out and went deer hunting. Would have liked to have gone to a bar for a beer but I wasn't old enough. The next year when I was old enough a local cowboy with a diferement said I should get a haircut.
Over a half decade later the war ended and another 4 or five years later I learned about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
Some decades later I get to watch it all again. One bunch parties, one group volunteers.

KISS said...

Lucky me, I was in between the two conflicts, Korea and Vietnam. Two very good friends of mine were on opposite sides of the conflict. One was a marine and was wounded and discharged, he served two stints. The other was a Conscientious objector and serve his term in Rocky Butte and Goodwill, cheat labor. I was oposed to Vietnam from the get-go. Another fiasco of John Foster Dulles and his brother Alan. Wayne Morse and I had more than one discussion of this miscarry of justice. Way long before Fulbright got smart. JfK bought into this crazy thing, like Bush and Iraq, and than LBJ...that is for another time for discussion.Just to prove Dimmos have DUM shits also.