Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Dead Enders, 'Nam and Iraq

Awhile back I wrote a post criticizing the Democratic fear of the "dead enders" regarding getting blamed for losing in Iraq. Over at Middle Earth Journal Ron Beasley has post that goes a bit farther in analysis of the "dead enders" and it furthers my argument that such fear is not only misplaced, but pointless. Loss of a conflict - whether is a war, game, or an election - is traumatic and for certain elements in a group unacceptable. The reasons do not matter, the loss matters and someone will get scapegoated for it. That someone is seldom the responsible party, they've already spun their junk until the unwary take it as gospel.

Consider the lies around Iraq already told, Mitt gets away clean re-telling one, Cheney has never stopped, George II never said everything he's ever said, tape shows it, the gullible ignore. Those folks are a dead end for any Party that panders to them, they'll kill that Party in the long run. But politicians keep making them count and helping them count by lying for them. It's a stupid vicious circle, round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows...

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