Saturday, June 16, 2007

Another Posting Venue

As you may know I've been doing a little blogging over at Central Sanity to provide some "left perspective" although some might disagree with that appellation. Ron Beasley of Middle Earth Journal has invited me to do some blogging at his site. When I accepted both of these invitations I included the caveat that I am somewhat time restricted. I work and I also have a wife, who seems to think I should pay some attention to her.

I started this blog as a campaign site and after not winning that election I moved this into an advocacy and commentary site because I'd built a readership that wanted to read what I have to say and I don't "go quietly into the night." Because a bunch of you keep stopping by, this will remain my primary focus in blogging, even though my readership here is smaller than my other venues.

Central Sanity is a bit more restrained than I am here, I can do that, but most of what I post here isn't suitable over there. Ron's site Middle Earth is a bit more firebrand in orientation so cross posts aren't problem, though just recycling stuff doesn't seem quite right.

On the matter of time restrictions, what I write takes considerably more time to do than to read, what you can get through in a couple minutes may take an hour or more. I try very hard to source what I use from others and I also try to have more than just one source so what you get is accurate, if from my point of view.

Make sure to check these other Blogs out, at least to see who would want me to write for them. They have good contributors and can stir you up - and that's at least part of the point of reading these things.


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