Wednesday, June 13, 2007

509,000 Terrorists In The US

The FBI's budget request refers to the entire Terror Watch List as containing 509,000 names. Only 509,000; I'm rather disappointed. Since the list has already been shown to contain the names of Quakers, war protesters, and just plain folks as well as some maybe bad guys and some known bad ones it seems it should be considerably larger. Apparently those who dislike BushCo's war and George II's assault on the Constitution are not doing their part. Since I flew on an airplane last month I evidently have fallen down on the job.

This is entirely unacceptable behavior on our part, I fully expect Americans to step up to the plate and get this list up to at least 3 million by fall. What is particularly troubling is the assertion that the list has duplicate names like Ossame and Ussama and even ones like Saddam Hussein, that would lower the individuals to 345,00o according to The National Counterterrorism Center.

ABC, of all people, says there may be privacy and usefulness issues with the size of the list. Law makers and their wives have been detained, which is only as it should be. I'd be hard put to find a more terrorist group than last year's Republican dominated Congress and their President - who apparently gets around that list by flying in his own 747.

I own guns, I don't like BushCo policies, and I try rather hard to get political change - what more do I have to do? This is patently unfair, Cat Stevens is blocked and my singing is truly a thing of horror. Oh well, I'll just have to muddle along unlisted.


Steve Culley said...

Don't forget the vets who go into the VA for treatment of post Traumatic Stress disorder. If they can end up on a can't buy a gun list they surely should be on a terrorist watch list. Hell maybe if they get called up for a second or third tour and can't get on an airplane it just might work out in their favor.

Chuck Butcher said...

These are the kinds of things you get when your government engages in fear mongering (terrorism). One day people will look back and say, these people lost their minds just like in McCarthyism.

When your government starts trying to scare you (guns, terrorism, etc) put one hand on your wallet, one on a pen, a wary eye to see who benfits, and a clean gun in its cabinet.

BushCo says there's a war on and they're darn right, a class war and a war on your liberty so if you ain't a soldier you're in the way. And as usual, there's lots of sheep and only a few troops.

If you're alive and can pay attention, raise hell, if not, go back to sleep. These people only get away with what they're allowed to, we outnumber them, we can yell, we can write, we can vote, and there are some other things as well. They have power because we let them, that's it, that's all.

KISS said...

"we outnumber them "? No way, Jose. The sleeping sheep by far out number the one's that are aware. Television keeps them in a hypnotic state and if that doesn't work the beer will. Fact: driving is down a mere 10% with the highest prices in our history.