Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris Nonsense - Fox Is An Ass

The circus continues and grows in frenzy. Fox is beating the drumbeat for its star, the punishment is outrageous, one DUI and no one goes to jail. Then they manage after about 15 minutes to finally get around to violating probation, but nobody goes.

I don't live in LA, CA or CA period. I do know judges, and I've known them for most of my life. Let's get something straight, Paris went into court for two traffic offenses after being suspended. One offense right after the other right after being busted and getting probation, and she went in front of a judge after essentially demonstrating "what you say doesn't matter to me in the least." Judges don't like that. Judges find that to undermine the judicial system, and I can tell you I do not want to go in front of a judge that way. I would expect to get drop kicked through the goal posts.

The world will probably run off its rails with something like this going on. I cannot think of a single reason to treat Paris Hilton any differently than anyone else, for good or ill. But quite obviously the news will do so, Fox would have and has had conniption fits about such violations happening with poor people, but certainly not a Hilton or a Scooter. I'm not a lock 'em all up sort nut, but I certainly do advocate equal treatment under the law. Obviously expecting Fox to tell the truth is silly, but it doesn't make the behavior any less irritating. You don't suppose they're trying to grease the rails for the Scoot, do you?


Steve Culley said...

I only have one comment. Why the hell do we even know Paris Hilton's name? The future of America was in the balance yesterday and thankfully some grass roots activism changed course. I woke up to the headlines about Paris. Suggest "we call this the news". No wonder Bin Laden thinks he can bring us down.

Chuck Butcher said...

My comment isn't about Paris, it's about the "news" perspective. I give a rat's patoot about a spoiled rich girl and a few weeks in jail. Jail is boring as hell, the food stinks, and it's hard to sleep - so what.

Steve Culley said...

CNN gave me non stop Paris too.The esception. Lou Dobbs who vowed never to mention her name.

Chuck Butcher said...

If there is any value in any of this silliness it might be a revolt against the privileges of the very rich and the disparities happening in this plutocratic environment.

That's a real stretch.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard that Ann Coulter has come to Paris's defense, saying she's being picked on because of her wealth and celebrity?

I guess skanky hos have to stick together.

Chuck Butcher said...

I heard her say it, I just didn't think it was worth commenting on, same reason you mention.