Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mitt Romney's Faith Includes Lying?

During CNN's Republican debate in NH Mitt said he believed in God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. That is what he believes, he said. I've read the book, many times, cover to cover and I cannot remember anything in it that says lying is a thing to engage in. Maybe he was reading something else.

Did I just say he lied? Yes, and he did. He stated the bald faced lie that Saddam Hussein would not let inspectors into Iraq and that is why we had to go to war and he was all for that. On September 17, 2002 Saddam acquiesced to Kofi Annan and allowed inspectors with NO conditions. On March 17, 2003 George W Bush yanked the inspectors and on the 20th launched his war. Iraq also provided thousands of pages of documents showing they had no WMDs. The inspector's preliminary reports were no WMDs and also that cooperation from Iraq left something to be desired. Those are facts. Not ideology, facts, verifiable in print and on video tape.

A few bloggers have called bullshit, Begala, but not the media. The lie has been told ever since the WMDs weren't there. Amnesia? It would put the UN Inspectors into a class of experts and usefulness that falls outside the image of the UN as some sort of international boondoggle and 3rd world cash cow. Republicans tell the lie over and over. BushCo states over and over that it was an intelligence failure. Yes, it was an intelligence failure, on the part of BushCo and the media and a whole bunch of Congressional members, to lap up agenda driven drivel in the place of experts with their feet on the ground.

If you can't remember this, I'm not going to do your work for you, but I will give you a head's up: CNN Letter and this:

UNITED NATIONS (CNN) -- In a letter handed over to the United Nations on Monday, Iraq said it would allow the return of U.N. weapons inspectors "without conditions" to "remove any doubts Iraq still possesses weapons of mass destruction."

Lying liars and the lies they tell. This guy claims to be Presidential, nope sorry, he's an ass. These are the people who tell you Iraq is where we need to be, for the foreseeable future, oh yeah, listen up, they know - gag, choke.


Anonymous said...

If you are convinced that Romney is a liar, then for all intents and purposes, that alone should qualify him as the next president - consider the last two presidents (including the current one), who have both been reputed as liars! Case closed! Vote for Romney.

Chuck Butcher said...

I guess there is that. It sure isn't exactly a fine example of a policy statement.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and on the same subject of lying and the Bible (which you read from cover to cover), when Peter denied Jesus, was he lying? When Jacob received the birthright from Isaac, through the help of his mother, were they concocting a lie?

Chuck Butcher said...

"I can make the Bible mean," is your argument? And these actions were treated as approved? This is a stupid argument. People are dying and you think this is how it's supposed to be done? Mitt is either a liar or an amnesiac with no competent staff and that's supposed to be just fine?

I'm sorry, I can't stop laughing at the Right. And the Scoot didn't do anything wrong ... either. You people are pretty pathetic

Anonymous said...

No, my point is NOT to have you make the Bible mean. My point is to refute your claim that “[you’ve] read the [Bible] many times, cover to cover and [you] cannot remember anything in it that says lying is a thing to engage in.”

That is a flawed claim. Of course there are incidences in the Bible where people engage in lies (i.e. not telling the truth) and were treated as approved. For example the story of Rahab the harlot, as well as, again, Jacob having “robbed” Esau of the birthright continued to be the legitimate progenitor of the House of Israel, and many others.

You may have “read the [Bible] many times, cover to cover ....” BUT you failed to UNDERSTAND it. Apparently because you were just READING, and not study and ponder the Book.

Back to Romney, stop using his religion/faith as a bull’s eye. It’s a reductio ad absurdum. I’m sure you lie too, from time to time, therefore I can ask the same question of you: “Does Chuck Butcher’s faith include lying?” And using the same logic, taking into account the Biblical “lying” incidents, we can justifiably insert Jacob, Rahab, Peter, etc., in the question.

Do you see why using someone’s faith to attack him/her is irrational, flawed and fickle?

Finally, let me make a suggestion: Instead of “doing work” on the CNN letter, do some work on furthering your understanding of the Bible so you won’t keep exposing your inadequacies.

Oh, by the way, start getting ready to be emotionally and psychologically stable in accepting Romney as the next President, come Jan 2009.

Kevin said...

Of course there are incidences in the Bible where people engage in lies (i.e. not telling the truth) and were treated as approved.

None of your examples were treated as approved because of their lies.

The Caananite Harlot was saved by faith, pure and simple. What's more, the Israeli spies explicitly told her that she would be saved precisely because she had saved them, not because of how she'd done it and they placed very exacting conditions on her being saved which she had to meet. Exacting conditions which clearly foreshadowed Jesus's death and ressurection.

Peter's denial is unmistably couched as a deeply shameful thing. No explicit or implicit approval is in any way given to his lies.

Jacob paid a dear price for his lie. Again, no explicit or implicit approval is in any way given to his lie.

Bottom line here is that utterly unlike any of the Biblical examples you cited, Romney's lie simply cannot be contorted into some grand statement of faith. He told a bald-faced lie and Chuck is to be congratulated for shining the light of truth upon the lie.

Chuck Butcher said...

Thanks Kevin, you sure spent more time on that argument than I was willing to.

I'd like to make something clear, I do not hold anyone's faith against them, nor for them, what I will do is hold them responsible for what they say and do in the light of their faith - or lack of. A friend of mine, whom I hold in great esteem, is a Circuit Court Judge and a Mormon, I measure him the same way I do others, on the basis of how he is - what he does. The version of God he believes in is of no more import to me than the man in the moon.

Romney told a bald faced lie and doing so repeated the lies of this administration - I call BS - I call him a liar, and an unrepentent one. I call him that publicly. I make that public judgement on the basis of his recorded statement, the facts, and his lack of repudiation of his statement - which has been publicly branded an untruth. You can whine but you can't change facts. What he deserves is to be ignored as a liar and an incompetent. By the way "anonymous" my name and face are on this blog, I back what I do and write with them. I also am fully aware that US House info.sys and Senate Sgt at Arms info.sys come and look at me - what that means, I don't know - probably some lefty staffer, or...