Monday, June 04, 2007

Condi Can Say Anything...With A Straight Face

At the Organization of American States Condi told the Venezuelan government, "Freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of conscience are not a thorn in the side of government," Rice told the ministers. "Disagreeing with your government is not unpatriotic and most certainly should not be a crime in any country, especially a democracy."

Now I happen to think that Hugo Chavez is a thug, that he is simply operating in the model of previous despots by handing dribs to the masses while amassing personal power, but in some respects he and George II ought to be best buds. But for Condi to make this representation is astonishing considering her criticism of BushCo critics. These people seem to figure collective amnesia afflicts Americans, well, I don't mind pointing it out.

AP has what the Venezuelan foreign minister Maduro had to say about Guantanamo and the US-Mexican border. I love it, a tiff between lying scumbags.


KISS said...

Condi is a work of art. With her wide eye innocence she can Ly with the best of 'em. Interesting Bush is too DUM to Ly, I actually he believes what he is saying and never remembers what was said in the past,And Condi Ly's her head off for him and Chenny. With guys like Russert and Scheifer they get away with it.

Chuck Butcher said...

Condi has some "tells" if you watch her and remember.