Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Condi, Stick to Piano

She liked playing piano and was supposed to be pretty good at it, that's something - anyhow. At one time she was the Republican's darling, George II's heir or some hotshot R's running mate. Yep, after everybody quit saying nice things about Colin, she was not only going to be the first black president, but a woman to boot. The word combinations "black," "woman," and "President" have all become Democratic. As little use as I have for Hillary, the word competent isn't an antonym to her name and Obamma is evidently honest and engaging and sadly Condi doesn't even look good next to the riff-raff the R's are running. How far we fall...well a bit more.

The Foreign Affairs Council, composed of former Ambassadors and senior diplomats, released a report today that says the State Department has poor morale and too few people to fill places being drained by Afghanistan and Iraq. They seem to think Condi should have done something about it. If you'd like to see the Department spokesman's excuses, AP has them, along with a few more details.

I really long for a time when the Executive Branch isn't rotting off the tree of democracy, when competence is the minimum requirement, and somebody will tell the truth - or even something close to it. I bet Condi's biggest problem is that Regency U doesn't have enough little godlings that'll go do the dirty work overseas. If you think I'm just being snarky, consider - that place has only been a university for a few years, ranks right up there with Podunk U, and has 150 grads employed in the Executive Branch. yep, god hates us...

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