Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Truck, A Candidate, More KaaKaa

You have to love it, if you were to run for the Senate in a rural area a pickup truck might burnish your image as down-to-earth kinda guy. It might seem particularly impressive if it had anything to do with reality, but then there are people like Fred Thompson who are...actors, and actors have little to do with reality. So the thing to do would be to buy a 98 Chevy pickup and drive it around as though it had something to do with you. At least as long as it was campaign season, then you might park it in your mother's drive and let it sit...and sit...and sit...until the tags were well expired.

If it had sufficiently little to do with who you are, you'd drive it away from campaign stops, ditch it, and drive off in your luxury sedan. Yep, here's a man of substance, you know substance over image. Ahhhh Hahahahaha suckers.

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