Sunday, June 17, 2007

Libby and Truth

I'd thought myself done with the Scooter nonsense, makes not a particle of difference what happens, he'll come out in fine professional and economic terms and considering the amnesia afflicting America, his reappearance on the scene will be greeted with, "who?"

I'm not particularly pleased nor am I surprised and I was pretty much willing to leave it alone. Right up until the flood of "he's such a nice guy" junk I was willing. I've called Mitt either an incompetent or liar for saying Saddam didn't let inspectors into Iraq and that's why we had to have our little adventure over there so I do want to be fair to another Republican. Let's get one thing straight first, Libby was convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice not being a lousy campaign speaker. This was a deliberate act followed by further matching conduct. He lied to federal investigators and a grand jury in order to throw rocks into the machinery of justice regarding an act that may well have had fatal consequences and he did it as a federal employee at the highest levels of government.

Now let's take that apart a little since we're talking about character, he lied for personal, professional, and political gain. He lied to thwart the pursuit of justice. He did so repeatedly. He did so when provided with an opportunity to correct his previous course.

He is a LIAR. He is an oath violator in court and in service to the State. He may not beat his children and wife and he may drive a nice car and he may even not stick up convenience stores but he did steal from the United States of America it's honor and it's duty to do justice. He is a thief of the most destructive sort, he steals what cannot be replaced, the non-material, the essence. His apologists are blind or partisan hacks with no more honor than Scooter himself.

I don't know what it is that passes for a good man in the sewers these people run in, but out here you trust a good man, you believe a good man, a good man keeps his word, a good man cares if another is harmed by his actions and tries to avoid it. This man has demonstrated himself beyond reasonable doubt to be a villain of the lowest sort, a lying oath breaking thug while every day kids with nothing to gain fulfill their oaths in the War he lied to advance.

Take that measure you beltway pukes. By all means the puke in chief should pardon this guy just to show where he stands. No, this doesn't piss me off... At least you've finally come out and shown us what you are - pukes.


Phil Philiben said...

I't it amazin! This come from the Law and Order crowd.

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm no advocate of draconian punishments or excessive power in the hands of prosecutors, but I also am darn tired of things being called by other names than what they are. I am particularly irritated by the outlook that politics excuses all.