Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Destruction Equals Progress

You've actually got to hand it to Tony Snow, he found a way to link failure to success in today's Press Briefing:

Snow: "As the president has pointed out before, when pro-democracy movements seem to be making some progress — Lebanon, for instance — there are actions that are designed to derail it. This is part of the larger war on terror.."

If the magnitude of the actions to derail this movement in Iraq are a measure of it's progress, this thing must be a roaring success. How odd that I hadn't noticed, must be those defeatist news organizations...

There's something these people ignore and it is so blatantly simple and straight forward that, well, I guess it just bears ignoring: if there is such widespread enthusiasm for democracy in Iraq then why is it relatively safe to be a terrorist? It has been pointed out that this is a 'weapons rich' environment, most people can get their hands on dangerous items, but it seems the violently enthusiastic are all dedicated to something other than the rule of law and democracy. There are neighbors who are busy killing Shia/Sunni and Americans and in general causing real trouble, a bee in an American ear would certainly be useful or a bullet in the neighbor's head. Sure, that's risky behavior, but gee, so is just being in Iraq.

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