Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bye-Bye Wall Street Journal ?

Financial Times reports in a June 4th article that the Bancrofts who control 64% of the voting shares of Dow Jones met for 5 hours with Rupert Murdoch of News Corp. (Fox) and the talks were according to him "constructive." He has offered to establish an independent editorial board and give the family a seat on the News Corp board, apparently to assuage their concerns about selling the paper to a trash house. (independent? I have a bridge...) The Independent Association of Publishers’ Employees who represent most Dow Jones employees is searching for an angel to enter the bidding.

The WSJ editorial board over the past 6 years has become almost knee-jerk right wing loon in it's outlook, but that hasn't terribly effected the content. If you are quite satisfied with the type of content Fox News puts out you won't mind the WSJ becoming just another cheap tabloid, that is the Murdoch marque. Maybe they can find somebody as reasonable as Sean Hannity or Billo to take the helm. Let's get something straight, Murdoch wants that paper because it will imbue him with an aura of respectability, where absolutely none is due.

We get to put up with his trash because the Republicans wanted to let him into the country and he owes them big for it. He pays back with Fox, let's give him bigger fish. I can't think of anything much more offensive than this Australian smut peddler having control of our media.

You have to love it, while the Christian Right laps up the Fox News vomit and moans the failure of morality, Fox Network puts out the most inane, stupid, and immoral programming on air, and Rupe wants the WSJ.

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KISS said...

I don't think we will see any difference, the WSJ has been a mouthpiece for big business and nothing will change. In fact at Murdoch's age I doubt if he will live long enough to make any changes and the kids will be interested only in his money, I love kids who inherit big, take Paris Hilton.