Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Nothing Today

Ten hours of driving a 1978 3/4T Chevy utility box truck to Portland and back has fried me, I ripped off a post for Central Sanity and cross posted it to ME Journal and suddenly ran out of gas. I've spent the weekend putting and engine and 4 speed tranny in my 74 K5 Blazer and that's not completely reassembled yet and just moved equipment onto a new job and started it Monday and on Tuesday morning discovered that a needed piece of equipment was not available and thus a drive to Portland to buy said thing.

The supply center was 1 block from DPO headquarters so a stop and say howdy was required, by request Gus ( all 160 pounds of long white hair and slobber) was brought in for introductions. Great White Pyrenees drool - lots. He was a huge hit with all the women. He's seriously spoiled and pouts massively if he doesn't get to "go" when the work truck does.

So this is your post or go over to one of the sites mentioned. g'nite...

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