Friday, February 02, 2007

Google Says Not

George Bush is no longer the Google equivilant of miserable failure, whatever you and I may think about it. Google defused the Googlebombs, mostly. If you use a Googlebomb search term it will now send you to an explanation link.

Since I am entries 6 & 7 for "stagecoach shotgun" and 1 & 2 for "Remington stagecoach shotgun," Remington Stagecoach Shotgun . I don't think Google numbers are exactly a value determiner. I get nearly a dozen hits a day from those terms and I don't think readers are getting what they think those numbers indicate.

I haven't done a search on George W Bush to see what comes up most often, I don't have time or interest, I think Google had it right before they fixed it. I could also think of more apt terms, but they're not suitable for mixed company.


Cwech said...

That's terrible, "miserable failure" was always the one search term I could rely on to return what I had in mind.

DA English said...

Actually it goes to a BBC article about the googlebomb now. Not sure if that's what you meant by an explaination.

Just thought I'd tell you in case you were curious.

If you want to call him something suitable, then call him a dumb ape. That's what he is.

Chuck Butcher said...

Well guys, either is more polite than what I use to myself.