Tuesday, February 13, 2007

McCain's Tet

You've got to admire their capacity for double talk and butt covering. The neocons and wannabes like John McCain have gone to great lengths to persuade the American people that talking bad about Iraq is the same as helping those 'terriss.' If you say the Admin lied us into a war, that the war sucks, that those running the war suck at it, the we shouldn't put more people in it, that we should leave, that we should leave right now, or any other thing that isn't on the BushCo agenda, you might as well be a 'terriss' yourself. You certainly don't don't talk about anything having the potential to go south.

Unless, of course, you happen to be John McCain and running for the Republican Primary, then you can be as stupid as you like. It appears that what John is afraid of isn't the screwed up war, it's that the Iraqi bad guys might remember Tet. The Tet Offensive was a tactical disaster for the North Vietnamese, they engaged in force against emplaced troops and were finally slaughtered. They also proved that they were not anything like too beaten launch a major offensive that scared the snot out of the military and worse the home-folks.

"By the way, a lot of us are also very concerned about the possibility of a, quote, 'Tet Offensive.' You know, some large-scale tact that could then switch American public opinion the way that the Tet Offensive did," McCain said to influence his 'terriss' buddies to do just that. You certainly can't talk about timetables or anything like that because, "I think that it should be publicly open-ended because I think that if you set a date, that there's every possibility that the insurgents would just lay back and wait until we leave." So...

I know, we should elect this idiot President - of something obscure and far away.

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