Sunday, February 25, 2007

This Is Stupid

Evidently one of Al Sharpton's ancestors was owned by an ancestor of Strom Thurman. His great grandfather was owned a woman whose grandfather was Strom's great, great grandfather.

A guy 3 generations removed from somebody whose relationship with that person is 5 generations removed from the other guy and evidently not even in a straight line. That only puts 26 different lines of people between them, holy mackerel at that division a large portion of 300million people could claim relations. So what?

Let's stop and think for a minute, virtually the entire world is related to somebody who was a slave at some time to somebody. Stupid.

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Chuck Butcher said...

OK, now I get to laugh. I saw this news article by accident, said "what?", then realized exactly how underwhelmed I was. Ok, a little tag article. Now I've had some fairly intelligent things to say about some pretty important issues and this is my 2nd most hit article?

Go figure.

Well, thanks for stopping by and there is actually some fairly smart stuff here...