Saturday, February 03, 2007

There Must've Been Some Polls

Senator Clinton has had something to say about Iraq, "If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will." Oddly enough, up until the CT Primary Joe Lieberman was her bud on this topic. Yes, I do fault those who voted for this war, there were questions that could have been asked, and they didn't. Some of our elected representatives got it right, some of the press got it right, and I got it right. Now, if those people and particularly I could've gotten it right, what exactly was going on with the Yea voters?

I can think of lots of possibilities: incuriosity, blind allegiance, political expediency, poll driven response, stupidity, credulity, oh etc. Any of these sound like Presidential references? Of that bunch, at least John Edwards (out of Senate) said I'm sorry I was wrong.

As for Hillary's bold statement, to track her attitudes on Iraq just check the polls each week for the last 4 years. In case you haven't caught the idea, I wouldn't like Hillary for Oregon Dogcatcher, so NY, please keep her. I keep hoping that some of Dennis Kucinich will rub off on these hacks. That's right starting with Hillary and working your way down the polling scale, hacks. If I can't have a populist like Dennis, then at least give me a resume' like Richardson's. Don't get your Obama knickers in a wad, yes he's a hack, for all his charisma. Go back a ways and see how carefully he parses his stands.

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