Saturday, February 17, 2007

Well, Kiss My *** and Call Me Blue

Some of you may know that I tend to peruse my hit meter. I like to know something about where readers come from and what piques their interest. Word searches offer up amusement, I used "Did You Pass Fourth Grade" as a title to signify the simplicity of my analysis, having no idea that large numbers of people are worried about passing 4th grade - they are surely disappointed. Sometimes the IP is what's interesting, like one today - 207.197.157, Washington DC.

May 28, 2006 I wrote an article, "Are You A Democrat?" with the premise that you should be able to say so and why in a few sentences. Blue Oregon picked it up and linked to it and quite a few people had something to say, not all positive, either. My hitmeter listed the referring URL for DC as Blue Oregon - Why Are You A Democrat? linked to my article. None of this would be all that interesting other than the owner of 207.197.157 which is Republican National Senatorial Committee. My guess is that they weren't particularly interested in signing up. I don't know how they got to Blue Oregon, but that article makes it real clear that I'm a Democrat and that I'm an Oregonian who ran for OR 02 CD.

Maybe these people really have no idea what makes Oregon or other Democrats tick or how to reach us. They certainly know how to oppose us and what snarky little tricks they can bring to bear. I find it laughable that the RNSC is visiting my little blog, this isn't good information for them, the Blogosphere left is notoriously left left, rowdy, and unobtainable to Repubs. There is virtually no mainstream Democratic thought going on out here, this is the rabble-rousing BushCo kicking Democratic left. Well, much luck to them with what they've learned, they can take it and kiss my blue something...

Senator Floppy Smith - did you catch that?

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