Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mort Sez We Can't Leave Iraq

US News and World Reports editor in chief Mort Zuckerman lays out his case for why we can't leave Iraq in the 2/12/07 issue. He starts off by noting that the President is losing support everywhere and that the not enough followed by more not enough and capped by a perceived not enough "surge" is bad for morale. The President, he says has bet his future and the future of the Republican Party on it, and if they lose, they'll lose their standing on national security for a generation. So far he's making some sense.

Then he starts running into deeper water, the place will get worse, much, much worse. If we're not there putting on the brakes, they'll go nuts. He offers no particulars, it will just get worse.

A Sunni al-Qaeda victory looms with those nutcases having a safe haven to launch attacks on us.
These are, of course, the same Sunnis who are the minority and regularly get their heads handed to them by the Shiites. Somehow they're going to snatch victory out of extermination. Then, there's Iran being dominant in the area. Not that they're detested by all the Sunni governments except possibly Syria and considering the fundamentalism of al-Qaeda and Iran they're about as likely to co-exist as wolves and rabbits. Ok, here's how this breaks down, al-Qaeda is going to win and Iran is going to win and they're all going to engage in a bloodbath of horror movie proportions and come to America and kill us.

After this exercise he tells us about the stupidly run war, the unlikeliness of democracy without security and operating institutions, the fundamentalism poisoning everything, and finally Malaki's incompetence. This caps off why we have to stay.

Excuse the hell out of me. Saudi Arabia and others are not going to stand by and watch Iraq on their border turn into an Iranian fiefdom, the al-Qaeda are going to get slaughtered, the Iraqis and Iranians are both racist by nature and of opposing races, the Kurds have a pretty good thing going and Iran and other Arabs are not their friends. Mort, you mentioned Oz in relation to the President, you need to come back from there yourself. Yep, they'll probably kill a few more of each other if we're not there distracting them, but the end result will not be affected by our presence, except in the number of our own body bags and cripples. Oh, your worst reason stands first - anybody who trusts the Republicans with our national security is a fool.

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