Friday, February 09, 2007

The Media Lies ?

Regarding "Scooter's" trial and testimony Mary Matalin on Don Imus:

Chris (Mathews) who purported to be on a nightly basis an objective analyst who would get on there and say things which we knew not to be true, as in Cheney saw this report. The Cheney we knew -Cheney didn't know Wilson, Cheney never sent Wilson, Cheney never saw the report, and the report that did exist corroborated the agency's belief that there was some effort by Saddam to procure yellowcake.

Once you start lying it gets really difficult to cover them all. She no longer "likes" Chris because the Admin pap isn't going over quite as well. You might remember that Matalin is also one of those who spread the "inaccuracy" that everyone knew Wilson's wife was CIA because he blabbed it. (oh hell, LIE) In fact is was quite a big deal. Lets stop and actually think about her job in relation to today's world conditions.

Plame was a specialist in WMDs. Her operation was counter WMDs, and it was secret and the cover company was covert and anybody associated with that company is now blown. WMDs, um, war in Iraq, N Korea, Iran, and various other not as newsworthy. The Dick and the Scooter obsessed over Wilson, they talked and schemed and finally had their retribution at the sake of the security of the United States of America, that's exactly correct, the Vice-President spent an ungodly amount of time working on payback involving screwing security when he was supposed to and claimed to be working hard on our security. Make no mistake, he was busy scaring people half to death while he was busy making them less safe and both were about political advantage, not the good of America.

At about this time the media was starting to shake off its BushCo doggy leash and ask and look, in that sheepish caught being a bad dog half-hearted manner, so they became the enemy. Now the people who'd said, no really, what WMDs and Iraq is secular, those traitors, started to have press for company. Now it's 2007, Scooter's on trial, they look just exactly like what they were, and the same noise machine has started over Iran. (just as much evidence, as well)

I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you aren't scared and mad as hell, you aren't paying attention. And when the Democrats that want your vote pussy foot around and qualify qualifiers over this mess, you should be demanding something clear, unequivocal, and active.

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