Thursday, February 15, 2007

Catch 22 All Over Again

Yossarian might have not believed this one and I really do not kid you, a Republican Representative said this (paraphrased-memory),

'If you do not support the mission you do not support the troops' or it may have been, 'You do not support the troops if you do not support the mission.'

That is truly 'out there' as a statement. No matter what is going on, if there are troops there you are not allowed to criticize why they are there. Ummm, Bosnia, Somalia???

If you're reading this and are under the illusion that I support GW Bush & Co. you've wandered in from someplace odd and will leave pretty quickly, BUT, dammit I play fair. I do not make stuff up, I do not pose impossibilities for the opposition. I can't remember the last time I gave them credit for something, but I also can't remember the last time they deserved credit. I use their words in context, I use multiple source news reports, and I use logic and the English language as it is constructed.

On the odd occasion that I've "booted it" I've apologized and corrected. These people don't ever correct their mistakes, they just change the game. They make up words, they pose impossible conditions, they flat out mangle clear meanings in order to justify their actions or wishes. Then they turn around and insult the opposition for not being on their page as they state they'll just ignore them anyhow. People ask where civility in politics has gone, I'm not sure it was ever all that civil, but how are you supposed to deal with people like this?

The President of the US held a news conference today, he said he doesn't care whether the Iranian government knows about weapons going to Iraq, 'what's worse, them knowing or them not knowing?' (paraphrased) Well then George, who knew about tens of millions of illegal hires in the US? What's worse, knowing or not knowing? Who knew about WMDs in Iraq, which is worse? Who benefits? You want to ask us rhetorical questions while you're telling us to sit down and shut the f*** up? You don't answer questions that have a lot more to do with the security of the US.

You and your ilk want to play Catch 22 with us?


KISS said...

This another case of Great White Father knows best. The saddest part of this fiasco is the press corp unable or unwilling to hit him on his lack of knowledge and leadership. I guess we should feel all giddy that we live in a part of history showing the Shrub to be the worst president of all time. And congress is afraid of impeachment discussion, how utterly sad.

Chuck Butcher said...

The non-Fox, non-Disney press is willing to dance around the question, just not hit it head on.

As for Congress, the biggest problem is lack of votes without something REALLY actionable - unfortunately incompetence isn't impeachable. Do I think there's stuff, yes, but clear enough at this point to sell to R's, I don't think so.

My best guess is he'll muddle on for 2 years, our loss.

Chuck Butcher said...

Since Technorati showed this post linked in Iranian blogs I'm sure I'm now "federally interesting."