Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Surrender Monkeys

You've got to love it, there is Red State online for your amusement. Lately they've entered the self-immolation mode. With little further ado, how to make friends and influence people Republican style.

" those 24 Republicans in the House and Senate who sided with the Democrats on the policy of defeat and surrender."

"I would very much like it if every single one of you would call each of these dirty two dozen and ask if they might now be interested in starting a Congressional Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Caucus in light of their vote to slowly bleed our troops to death and surrender our country into the hands of those who'd kill us all."

If you want to write or call those "monkeys" and give them a thanks, go over there and get the list. Heck, if you want to make their day, tell'em you're a Dem.

Just so you have an a feel for their idea of capitalism,

"One of their arguments is that some state run airlines would come in and compete. Well, you know, if I could get Singapore Air's service between Atlanta and Washington, I'd be all for it! Especially if Singapore's taxpayers are subsidizing my flight!" Now that's what I'd call a free trader... I get so confused anymore, wasn't it the conservative wing who yelled, "Buy American," awhile ago? I've looked and looked but I can no longer find irony in my dictionary, or in the Republican Party...

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