Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kicking the Democratic Middle?

Rep Ellen Tauscher (D) CA is having some problems with the "left blogosphere" over some votes. What they don't like in a nutshell is:

supporting legislation to scale back the estate tax
tighten bankruptcy rules
promote free-trade agreements
served as vice chair of the pro-business Democratic Leadership Council
voted for Authorization (with caveats & complained about execution of war)

She's since removed from her website pictures of her with Bush and with Lieberman.

Children's Defense Fund and League of Conservation Voters giver her high marks
NRA straight Fs

She's brought jobs to her district, including the C17.

I just don't know. The WaPo article seems balanced and while there are dangers in trying to push out an incumbent Democratic Representative, I also have to wonder exactly what that (D) behind her name means. That first list contains some stuff I have a real hard time seeing as anything other than hardcore plutocratic corporatism and I don't like it. Solid Fs from the NRA isn't endearing to me either, somehow it looks like the worst of the elitists stands. Let's just say for a second that Pelosi actually steps off the Right Middle, is there a Tauscher vote there? Or might it just as well be an (R)?

As a DPO it's not my job to work against a sitting Democrat. I don't have a problem with supporting some other Democrat for the job in a Primary election and I don't have a problem with calling BS on anybody. I will have you note that I have not and will not work against Hillary as a NY Senator, but, oh boy, that ain't the Dem nomination for President.

The Democrats ain't gonna vote or stand with me on a whole lot of things, I understand being a minority in a Party, as well as nationally, but there are limits to my patience, also. I'll just be darned if I'm going to turn into a Republican to satisfy a (D).


KISS said...

I got kicked off a dimmo blog because I saw some dimmo emperors being nude. I am a dimmo and I don't always vote for a dimmo. If a repug supports my ideals he/she gets my vote if the dimmo is opposite. It is way early to choose which dimmo for pres. Edwards has been a strong favorite of mine. No way, Hillary, or Obama. Being Black or wearing a skirt is of no importance to being president. Richardson is also a good choice, so far, but I doubt if he stands a chance. But, again, it's early.

Chuck Butcher said...

I vote my conscience. I do work as a DPO so I always have to give a thought to that. My contributions to DPO go where they decide (as a delegate I do help in that decision) but my time is my own. Obviously I don't agree that a (D) means all that much.