Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Stray Cat Terrorists ?

Rep John Boehner said that the war in Iraq is "the most visible part of a global war on terrorists," today in the House debate on the Resolution opposing BushCo's escalation. Hmmm, I had an idea it was about WMDs, then I had an idea it was about a rat bastard Saddam, then I heard Democracy was it, I've heard and heard stuff. Here's the real scoop, though, there are stray cat terrorists in Iraq,

"If we leave, they will follow us home. It's that simple."

So evidently we're encouraging them to stay home by being there, odd since the al Qaeda seem to be mostly from elsewhere. I'm real unsure why we'd be worried about Shiite militias since their quarrel seems to be with Sunnis. It seems to me that making our troops target practice for people who've already left home doesn't say much for Republican "support our troops." We don't seem to be killing them as fast as we're making them.


KISS said...

I guess it gets down to are we there to quell the Sunnis? Are we there there to quell the Shiites?
Are we there to rob all of them of their oil?
Another theory might be that Iraq is a staging area for the attack on Iran. With the Shrub it is hard to guess just why we are there.
Oh oh, damn, I forgot about the treasury of Haliburton.

Chuck Butcher said...

They do so much guessing and wishing it is hard to guess.

If it sounds humanitarian or civilized I don't think it counts. If it smells of money, I'd bet on it.