Sunday, February 04, 2007

Democratic Primary and Illegal Immigration

Apparently not a single Democratic candidate gives a damn about the wage depression caused by labor surplus in blue collar work. I say this because all of them except Hillary & Biden have web statement about providing a path to citizenship for those illegally here. Labor is a commodity and a surplus of a commodity results in downward pressure on its pricing. A lot is said about how Americans won't do jobs that are filled by illegals, and since when is construction one of those? How about since illegal labor surplus has driven wages so low? (Biden's goes no place & Hillary's is typical Hillary fluff and no more)

It's really sad as a progressive to have to chose between people who all dismiss the plight of law-abiding hard working labor. If you haven't figured it out, people who just get by also get to be sacrificed to the interests of foreign law breakers and past governmental policy.

Before you start on me about racism, I'm talking about poor people of every race who just happen to have done everything right and get to be screwed once again. Yep, laid out on the alter of political correctness and plutocratic advantage, one of the few sad moments in history when they coincide.

There's little point in railing against this, the alternative is the thugs from the Republican persuasion and on balance the Democrats are better. But while you're busy patting yourselves on the back for your niceness and realism, you might stop to consider the lives that you're smashing. Or, just deny it to yourselves, the politicos do.

With enough push back on this basis some of the more thoughtful ones would have a re-think going on, there are better ways to do it. I've pushed back, intelligently. I can guess how much company I'll have.

Just to be on the record once again, illegal employers belong in jail.

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