Thursday, February 01, 2007

Political Pussies

So the hardy souls over at the US Senate are going to approve a minimum wage bill with *gasp* tax breaks. Small business tax breaks, BushCo tax breaks and the Democrats think it's a good thing because it will pass. Did anybody bother to see who it is that BushCo calls small business? Not a damn chance, it sounds sooooo nice. Most of BushCo's beneficiaries are rich people running S-Corp tax dodges that have not squat to do with Mom & Pop businesses. Do you really think that 41 Republicans give a fat rat's ass about Mom & Pop? In this life time?

There is such a thing as compromise and there is such a thing as rolling over, giving tax breaks to those who've benefited from the Republican agenda of screw the worker is ROLLING OVER. If you can't pass it clean, make sure everybody knows why. Then run it again. And again. Take a stick and poke it in their eye very publicly and do it over and over. Why pass a "gee George, we don't think we quite like a surge thingy," Resolution? Bring forward a Resolution that says exactly what you're getting paid to say and when the Republicans pull a filibuster, stick it in their eye. You can either show the American Public that you GET IT or you can be pussies.

Americans want us out of Iraq, they don't seem to want to do it any more. Write THAT Bill and when it gets stopped kick the snot out of the stoppers. You've got over 1/2 of Americans that want THAT and you've got 2/3 of Americans that are at least real unhappy, what kind of a mandate do you want? Listen you pussies, you're a 250 pound 6 foot 4 incher in a street fight with a one legged half-wit and you need more on your side? Do you think you need a cannon to swat gnats? You take your play to the public and they'll back you - they're your weight and reach in this fight and what? The press will ignore it? They'll eat it up. Fox will yowl and what could be better than for them to come out swinging for the rich and the hawks? You couldn't ask for better political capital and freeeeeee advertising, namby pamby ninnies.

How about putting a capital D in democratic, or are you happy being the democrat party? You happy letting them define you into a corner again? I know, you're too important to pay any attention to a nail bender from NE OR, that's your loss.


mbraymen said...

While the federal government continues to run a budget deficit, there is no such thing as a tax cut. Any so-called tax cut is really a tax shift. That is, the revenue not collected from one group will have to be collected from another group. Probably that group will end up being either the middle class or 3 year-olds. The 3 year olds will get the added joy of paying interest too.

Chuck Butcher said...

CBO testified a few days ago that tax cut do not pay for themselves, and when they are deficit financed actually cost more than the cut.

Sen Allord of Of CO tried retpeatedly to get "they pay for themsleves" to go, nope.