Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lying Is An Exercise in Alterative Thinking

If you pay any attention you will find that BushCo has odd adjectives to use in place of existing and common ones. A surge versus escalation, and now a new one, alternative thinking. To get to the root of such an adjective you have to go back aways, well, quite a ways. Pre-Iraq war the CIA wasn't producing the kind of evidence that pleased the powers that be, the CIA kept coming up short on saying Al Qaida was linked to Saddam. The Pentagon wanted that. Douglas Feith of the Office of Special Plans provided just that and Congress seems to feel it was mislead. In that vein Congress heard from the Pentagon's acting Inspector General Thomas Gimble who called Feith's report "inappropriate" though not criminal nor unauthorized.

Feith found the whole thing bizarre - not that he did it - but that he was unpopular for doing it.

His successor Eric Edelman said this was "an exercise in alternative thinking" conducted at Wolfowitz's direction. Lemme see now, a liar commissions lies and it's alternative thinking, not even inappropriate. Thank you, BushCo, language is elevated.

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