Saturday, February 24, 2007

If You're Not Here, You Need To Know This

This is old news and of little import to most of my readers, but I've developed a following in some odd places which for good reasons I will not name.

In the body of work that composes this Blog you will find some heated complaints, some accusations, and some outright yelling (and some cool pictures). I get to do that. The reasons I get to be the way I am are right Here , the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. There are some concepts involved that are damn near completely missed, even by people in this country. It is of the utmost importance to understand that these documents are based on the Declaration of Independence and the concept that certain rights precede all forms of government, that government has no sway over them.

Many Americans have gotten so used to having these rights that they don't notice when they get messed about. Most Americans would create a real fight if they saw real evidence there was a problem happening with these. There is no really good way to understand Americans' relationship with their government without experiencing quite a bit of it, heck, it's not that easy for those of us really involved with it.

I hope that some day you will be able to exist in the same ways in regard to those freedoms that I do. I hope that on the way you remember that these apply to all, not just those who are "correct."

Good luck & thanks for stopping by,


KISS said...

As long as there is beer in the fridge, Gas in the car, and simple one syllable dialog on the telly, everything is Hunky Dorey. This also applies to those in elected offices...bothe dimmo's and repug's. The last budget bill, what 2300 pages thick?, was never scrutinized for the dismissal of our liberty's. Yet congress voted acceptance. How many voted agaist term limits? How many voted against campaign funding? Gas is cheap, beer is cheap, and the telly is cheap...all is well.

Chuck Butcher said...

Repubs didn't need to bother reading it, trust in BushCo, and Dems would've done what?

C'mon Kiss,
that's the point of this blog, of my 06 Dem Primary run and I'm not the only one, but we've got a long ways to go. Damn, if Hillary's taken seriously by any of the Democratic base, we're not communicating.

You're a smart, engaged person and certainly not the only one in your hometown... You're right, it's not ok, but it's also not THAT hopeless.