Sunday, March 04, 2007

A Truly Sad State of the Union

When a New York Times Editorial runs a 'to do' page for restoration of civil liberties in the United States of America there is a serious problem. Whatever your view of the political leanings of the NYT it seldom runs a laundry list in regard to the government. Here's their dirty laundry:
Restore Habeas Corpus
Stop Illegal Spying
Ban Torture, Really
Close the C.I.A. Prisons
Account for ‘Ghost Prisoners’
Ban Extraordinary Rendition
Tighten the Definition of Combatant
Screen Prisoners Fairly and Effectively
Ban Tainted Evidence
Ban Secret Evidence
Better Define ‘Classified’ Evidence
Respect the Right to Counsel

You'd think they were referring to Soviet Russia, or Pinochet, or..., not the USA. This is not a moonbat lefty hired in to create ink, this is the unsigned Editorial Board position of one of the leading papers in the country. At any other time in the last half century this would be an atomic bomb, during the lifetime of the Framers this stuff would probably have resulted in either imprisonment or armed insurrection. The NYT talks about fixing the acts foisted on us by the REPUBLICANS, I'm a bit more reactive, this junk should be shitcanned and then addressed in a meaningful and reflective manner. You don't deal with dog poo by sticking an artificial flower in it, spraying perfume on it, and calling it a ROSE.

Those of you around for my Democratic Primary run will remember that I was hopping mad about this stuff then and I still am. I stated then and I'll restate it now, this is more important than getting us out of Iraq. The war in Iraq is the President's mess and short of shutting the government down the Democrats are pretty much out of luck. This is a Congressional mess, this junk came almost exclusively from their club. Our Congress put their foot on the neck of American liberty and justice and they're sitting around on their hands. The Republicans can get on board or be made to pay very publicly.


KISS said...

How about when you swear allegiance to uphold the constitution and don't, you get tried for treason and suffer capitol consequences?

Anonymous said...


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Chuck Butcher said...

Seems to be spam.

Chuck Butcher said...

Well, Kiss, maybe tie them to a computer desk and make'em read spam all day...

Zak J. said...

That's quite a list. Thing is, many people I talk to refuse to admit that any of that is happening.

Impeachment and recall should be much more widely applied. But the general population would have to put principles and be willing to act on it.

Chuck Butcher said...

Fear is a wonderful motivator for self-destructive behavior.