Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fox - Confused

Sometimes reality takes a little zig and people like Fox News zag and the result is an alternate reality. Fox banner : Libby Not Guilty Of Lying To FBI. Uhuh, guilty of 4 other counts of lying, but the big news is... Britt Hume, et al: Oh no the jurors were confused, that's a big problem, that's what happened. Nice job of cherry picking boys, you didn't bother to finish with, confused as to why the rest of Fox's hero rat bastards weren't in court as well.

The big problem Fitz faced on the disclosure of Plame's identity prosecution is the wiggle phrase "deliberately and knowingly." Had this involved liberals or Democrats or other verminous lefties the Faux Noise machine would've battered your ears bloody over "technicalities" and sloppy justice. Padilla tortured with sensory deprivation and isolation while deprived of Habeas Corpus is just an example of stern measures to secure us, Libby's lies are an oops and witchhunt.

Let's be clear about something, Plame's cover in weapon's proliferation was blown, along with anybody who ever had contact with her. WMgodamnD proliferation, Fox, you know the basis for all your cheerleading during "Shock&Awe," America the Insecure. People's lives are screwed because your Dear Leader had to lie and his hit patrol had to whack those who exposed him. Then the shit hit the fan and all your "heroes" had to cover their asses. Is the Scoot just a cowardly liar like the rest or is he an idiot standup fall guy?

The alternate reality? Here's the outfit who, along with fatboy Rush, jump up and down bemoaning the "free passes" criminals get from weak-kneed judges and appeals courts trashing a successful prosecutor and no-nonsense judge. But then Rush was persecuted as a doper and BillO was hounded as a sex predator and that was all bullshit, too.

If you watch any of their junk, you're helping finance this crappola.

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Zak J. said...

I quit even watching the Simpsons a decade ago; all the money there goes in the same pot & I don't feel like contributing.