Saturday, March 24, 2007

Drop Partisan Politics

President Bush on Saturday said about Democrats, "put partisan politics aside and come together to enact important legislation for the American people." I see, the Democrats are playing partisan politics, that's an odd statement considering the source. On just exactly what occasion has this Texass peckerwood not played partisanship politics? The Rovian doctrine involved a permanent Republican majority and there's just exactly one way to get there, demonize the opposition, you cannot allow the opposition to appear at all credible as an alternative if you mean to marginalize them.

"By choosing to make a political statement and passing a bill they know will never become law..." traitors, Quislings, Defeatocrats, terrorist enablers, spit on the troops to make me look bad. Ah Georgie, we understand that you think you should be allowed to run things just exactly as you please, we just don't agree. There are fairly large differences between traditional Democratic and Republican thinking, these have been before the voters for years, but the idea that one Party or the other has completely lost it's justification for existence is new to the scene, relatively new. In the process of demonizing the Democrats the Republicans have become the very thing they accuse the Democrats of, a destructive force corrosive of the basic rights of the country. They have ramped up the rhetoric to a point unseen since the youth movement of the 60's, fear and loathing run rampant through their discourse.

The Gingrich Republicans thought they had a fiscal club to use on President Clinton, it didn't work well, they also were working on an issue with narrow support, this may crack up to be an entirely different deal. Congress can keep offering him the stark choice between funds with limits and no funds, putting the onus on him. BushCo had best remember that on the Iraq War issue a large majority disapproves of their handling of it.


KISS said...

Yup, and they try to pull this bullshit on us with our legislature, too.
My little podunk county wanted elected officials to be non-parisan...More smoke and mirrors.
With the shrub partisan means " My Way, or the Highway". Why are dim mos afraid of impeaching this little snot-nose prick?

Chuck Butcher said...

Mainly I'd say no impeachement because with what evidence they have there is not the vote number to sustain. In that case it would just be political theater and of use to the Repubs for propaganda purposes.