Sunday, March 18, 2007

The First 100, So What?

OK folks, now you've passed your pet bills and dealt with stuff that has been clogged for some time. I'm sure you feel virtuous and accomplished. So What?

Yes the half-assed minimum wage bill you passed is at least something, too little, too late, and strung out too long; but you did do it.

So how about taking care of that Constitution you swore to uphold? You know the one, it says things about Habeas Corpus, trials, warrants, cruel and unusual punishment, the stuff the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act undo. Some of you sat in that Congress, some of you to your eternal discredit voted for that crap. You're going to turn right back around and ask for votes from us again. You're going to do that in the face of complete dereliction of duty. YOU asked for those seats, you came to us. Maybe it is time you did your jobs, the ones you swore to do. I don't care if George II vetoes you, do it again. Then if he wants to play kinglet you quit funding him. Completely. Shut the White House down. If the government is out of control, you make it stop. Every funding bill has a Patriot Act/Military Commissions Act repeal attached to it. No money moves anywhere without it. He thinks he's a badass and Mr Imperial Presidency, you can show him different.

Here's the deal, though. He's counting on your spinelessness to continue on his merry way. You do realize that he's right? He laughs at your little game playing, Karl Rove tells him how it will go. Karl is an amoral idiot but he does know something about political will, and he knows for sure you bunch don't have it.

Oh sure, I just think everything is so simple, well, you make it way too complicated. Pick what has to be funded, no military, no Justice Dept, no White House, no State Dept, none of George's levers. You're pussies. That wouldn't be so bad, if it weren't that everybody except you knows it.


KISS said...

Having a bad day, Chuck? LOL Rove is no lunatic..a mastermind of stealth and corruption...but not an idiot.

Chuck Butcher said...

Rove is an idiot. He may be able to read political advantage in the short term, but only an idiot plays the game to lose over time. Rat bastard plays like his work at the moment, but they eventually come to light as what they are and people get peeved about being played for fools. Machiavelli, whose name stands for Rovian politics knew better and said so, but he gets credit for "ends justifies the means."