Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Republican Funk

It looks like the Republicans don't particularly like the choices they've got so far as Presidential candidates. Nearly 60% of them want more choices, I can't say I blame them, but they have a problem, they've got Republicans to chose from. What they do want is:

More tax cuts
More war
Less abortions
No gay marriages

Not too surprising considering that 76% approve of GeorgeII. Yes, folks, Iraq was the right thing to do, it's being done right, and more is better. The economy is great, by overwhelming number the Repubs support BushCo's management. In fact, these people have pushed the president's approval numbers from 29% to 34%. Now consider that 34% of those polled had a positive view of the Republican Party and these whack jobs start to look a little lonely. The question that goes begging is just exactly why they believe this guy is doing anything right. As BS oriented as Fox is, they show stuff getting blown up in Iraq and even mention our soldiers getting killed and maimed, although the Walter Reed story was blown out of proportion by others ( the usual suspects - liberal media ). If you look at the demographics of the Repubs you have to wonder what two brain cells are talking to each other. Most of these people got squat in tax breaks, their jobs are in jeopardy, their pay is falling, and their kids are getting misused and abused in Iraq and they approve. It's astonishing, the plutocrats are 0.1% of the population and workers are supporting their gains and ignoring their own losses? Queers and baby killers must be powerful mojo, 'cause it sure ain't anything else.

They want Ronnie Reagan back, and frankly if they were to dig him up and stick a pole up his butt they'd have as good as he ever was and a vast improvement over their current "hero." To understand the depths of this stupidity you have to understand that RR killed the Soviet Union, you know, the communism and socialism can never work sort of place; when it didn't work at all it's deux machina - RR as god. What I cannot, in the final estimation, work out; is why so many people over the past dozen years have bought into the Republican mythology. Man, the Democrats must've been real bad.

I'm more than willing to admit that the Democrats have spent some real quality time shooting themselves in the foot and being arrogant while doing it, but holy smokes, the Republicans have taken dead aim at their heads with cannons, stuck their middle finger in the air, and they still believe. This goes beyond ideology, beyond brand identification, all the way to tribalism. No, I don't get it.


KISS said...

I don't see the repugs worse off than the dimmos. The musical chairs on both side are going to fill and refill for a long time. In almost two years there will many changes on both sides. My hope, Edwards will survive, or Kuninch.

Chuck Butcher said...

Blogger comments have been really slow to register lately, give it a little more time.

The Repubs could use some time in the "wilderness."