Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bush Administration Ineptitude

Joe Biden got up on his hind legs and raised hell in the Senate today, in a fury he asked if anyone in the body realized the depths of this Administration's ineptitude when they asked for the authorization to use force. That is actually a fair question, the Idjit in Chief hadn't had a chance to make a real hash of much by then. The Wilson/Plame affair should have been a sign post, but DC may kill that kind of vision.

I think the evidence is in now. A person could move backward in time from now and have quite a litany. I think I'll leave it at that, use the Comments button and make or add to a list. I'm tired.

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KISS said...

Part of the litany is his fawned upset over the firings of all the attorney generals. I'm sure that at his religious breakfasts he and Gonzales had a vision. How offended the news agencies are and Dimmos
Anyone remember Janet Reno? Did the same thing and never a whimper.
My how times have changed.