Saturday, March 03, 2007

Calling Names

Faggot. There it is, the 6 letters that apparently are the Conservative Action Political Conderence version of a swear word. Ann Coulter, poster girl of the rabidly right, says John Edward is one and got applause. She seems to like to call male Democrats fags since that was her description of former VP Al Gore on the 6/27 Hardball show, well, "total fag," to be accurate. I'm not real sure what Ann's problem with Democratic men is, or gay men is, but she seems to be pretty public with it. If it's like a, um, a personally disappointing experience maybe it's something about Ann...

The thing I'm unsure of is what its political relevance is in regard to these guys. Since there haven't been any man on man dancing photos or other scandals regarding these guys and they don't have any particularly outrageous mannerisms, I just don't get it. Does opposing the war make a man gay? If so, my wife will be unhappy. Does being gay make someone a leftytoon? It seems to me I've run across a couple instances of gay Republicans - Log Cabin I believe. Does faggot mean something I've completely missed?

You know Ann, those two guys probably gave it a dismissive chuckle, but there is a whole group of people that you're using as some kind of swear word and I think it's pretty damn unfortunate. I've read some of your writing and I've heard you speak, you're a bush league wordsmith and a third rate intellect. You aren't too bad as a self-publicist, though. You kind of remind me of the Gay Pride Parade in SF, it's just so over blown and flat out goofy that people pay attention. But the thing about that parade is that it's naughty, not mean and nasty like you are. In fact, I have the idea that despite your intentions, being called a faggot by you should be taken as a badge of honor.

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