Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bad Day?

One of my frequent commenters asked if I was having a bad day in regard to "The First 100" and my rather unhappy frame of mind. The answer is no, not a bad day, but I'm beginning to be very unhappy with 2007. I had an idea that Congress would actually make some moves at the BushCo mess. I didn't expect a lot to be accomplished, veto over-ride isn't there, but just write the damn bills anyhow. Be seen doing something.

At least Leahy seems to be done with letting the Administration's shills report to Congress, he says testify under oath - in public. He says. I won't bet anything I care about on it. Keeripes, you'd have thought the Democrats won something last fall and would like to again. Not if they keep shying away from shadows.

The collective stupidity of the WaPo editorial board regarding the Second Amendment stopped me in my tracks. I hadn't expected them to be real pleased, but to dig up Miller and misstate the case ruling and justify the lunacy of "the people" actually meaning 'the states' had me shaking my head. I had understood they were literate.

The absolute namby pamby pretty boy pussies at Fox have the nerve to call a covert CIA agent a liar, people who have risked their hair do's in a stiff breeze... Somebody called them journalists, a joke I think. I was pretty peeved at the lack of outrage, well, Olberman named them today's Worst People in the World.

There's the little issue of the start of year five of Iraq. I'd say something but being seen foaming at the mouth is unattractive.

Oregon Republican representatives can't seem to NOT play stupid games. Yes, when you're down in politics you do need to look for an edge, it also helps to be smart about it.

Greg Walden claims credit for timber credits. Excuse my falling down laugh Waldenbush, maybe if you'd been doing your job last year... Hey, the sun came up - my name is Greg ... Oregon media actually paid attention to this crap.

Gordon Smith has yet to see a fence he can't climb over, jump back across, and straddle simultaneously.

Oregon cigarette smokers will get stuck with the bill for Oregon's children's health care, not because it makes a bit of sense; but because they can do it. They can't pass a tax on the general citizenry. Guess where the tax actually belongs. That's right Governor, I worked for your election, voted for you, and now I'm telling you you're wrong.

The push of American labor into serfdom continues unabated, in fact, abetted by those who claim to represent workers. If George II is in favor of something, what's wrong with you that you agree?

63% of Americans think Iraq is bad, 76% of Republicans think it is good. What???

Hillary hasn't quit.

I got to shoot the two new guns that have sat collecting dust, the 1873 Win .45 Colt is a nice shooter, the Ruger #1 45-70 Govt. with moderately heavy loads beat the snot out of me, that was fun and it only took 1 day to recover. Best part of 07 so far.


KISS said...

Do I get free pen for being a "Frequent writer"? lol The dimmos can't adjust from the old socialism order to the realistic fiscal conservative and social liberals. Any day now, I expect the whiners to avail themselves. Hillary and Kennedy leading the pack.
Leahy's position is pretty much " If I can't win I'll give up". Bidon;s been doing this for years.
It's hard for socialist dimmos to recognize the 2nd amendment. When they pledge their allegiance it has to be with fingers crossed...same as repugs on "Bill of Rights"
Fox is the televised Rush Limbaugh mouthpiece for repugs.
But Oregon dimmos pay homage to the same lobbists..no difference here. Corporations still pay no taxes and Super K is pushing to hit the low and middle income guys again and again and again.
Greg Walden is a none entity and proves Oregon has a great wilderness of mind as well as area.
Last time I shot a rifle was an AK 47, my shoulder hurt for a week.I'll stick with pistols.

Chuck Butcher said...

The 45-70 was shooting 400gr bullets at about 1950 fps, an AK shoots 130-150 gr at about 2400fps. 2.4x the weight bullet, over 2x the powder and the Ruger #1 weighs less, it kicks like a mule. Shoulder Howitzer.