Monday, March 26, 2007

They Gave Assurances

Sen John Sununu (R-NH) said,
“They gave us assurances that when we raised concerns about civil liberties that they have strong procedures and checks in place for issuing national security letters, and all of those assurances have proven to be unfounded,” about bills he strongly supported, Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act. Does anybody other than me see a problem with this statement?

Who the hell are "They"? The Constitution is clear you dimwitted Republican thug, it's not your damn business to get assurances from anybody about our civil liberties. You DO NOT give them to us, we have them despite your ilk. You jump around and squeal about how the terrorists are going to kill us while you strangle our democracy, you cowardly lying BushCo shill and then have the nerve to say, "well they said they wouldn't." You are more dangerous than all the Bin Ladins in the world.

Maybe in your fear induced state of coma you can't realize just how close to the dictatorial rule of personality you've pushed this country. Yes John Sununu, YOU. In your comatose state you neglected one of the basics of power politics, all power seeks power and the grant of power assures it will be used. Every school yard bully knows this one and a US Senator doesn't?

Harsh language? I'll tell you what's harsh, torture, disappearances, renditions, no day in court, secret testimony, governmental burglary and eavesdropping, domestic spying, letters of marque for federal police. Let me be plain and clear, once you've removed the barriers and people can no longer trust having their day in a fair court, why should they allow you to take them alive? What possible reason is there to not have it out, then and there, before the manacles go on? The law enforcement officer who comes has the misfortune to represent a criminal lawless enterprise stripped of all pretence to any more than physical force, he is therefore, a criminal. You and your pals are stupid thugs if you can't realize that outcome and think you get away with it.

I think my head's going to explode. I cannot fathom the depths of that kind of stupidity, "they gave assurances," for pete's sake, 'oooh, I was concerned about civil liberties...' If you're concerned then the answer is no, don't do that. How simple is that? No. But oh boy, you had control of Congress, the Executive, and a big chunk of the Judicial branches so you just thought, what?? That your kind of people were soooo good nothing could go wrong? That's what that "assurances" bull hockey is about, you do understand that my fine readers, denizens of the great unwashed, the good people in the Republican eternal majority will look out for your best interests because they're sooo special and sooo nice. Much too nice to take bribes, sell influence, try to bugger kids, or stomp on your freedom. Oh no, they wouldn't hide you from lawyers, deny you a hearing, torture you (unless your name happened to be Padilla), they certainly wouldn't burgle a Portland Oregon lawyer's home and hold him with NO evidence, no, nothing can go wrong.

Every Congressman that voted for those pieces of garbage needs to go in 08, Republicans and Democrats. The operative word is treason. Every member of this Congress that does not take a hand in cleaning this mess up needs to go. No ifs, no buts, do it or get the heck out. Any District that returns them deserves the iron boot on their neck that these weasels perpetrated on this country. Barring that, it falls on the responsible citizenry to demand redress of these grievances and a document signed in 1776 states clearly to what lengths that demand can be taken.

F*** you John Sununu and your assurances. Oh, same to you DOJ, FBI, NSA, and BushCo.


Anonymous said...

this exrethug will never be able to trust what they say again.
it has been a total betrayal of the constitution.

KISS said...

Wow, Jack best blog in a while. I've been thinking about this usurping power and abuse of the constitution since the 9/11 scare. Remember it is the wealth class that has the most to lose, hence their concern. They are so use to the way business has the benefits of incorporation without the liabilities of humans, that the application to dismantle the rights provided by the Constitution comes naturally. One might say that the Patriot Act was " Business as Usual".
Last night on 60 Minutes Dennis Kozlowski was interviewed [ disclaimer, I lost money on Tyco] He hasn't the faintest idea he was a crook and he is the victim in his mind. That's the way these bastards think. They are above us grovelling unwashed. Equal? Hell no, never! And as we become more of a two-class society this will become more common place. And our overpaid congress falls into that same degenerate group of hotsy-totsy cretins.

Chuck Butcher said...

The "assurances" thing sent me over the edge, seems to me the assurances (guarantees) are already in the Constitution.

See the posts on AFA, these, mostly, are Republicans. I object to the POS that have been running the show, but I also value principled opposition, the past 6 years are an example of the lack of oppostition. Democrats are better if you ain't rich.