Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More Money, More Money

The White House is embarrassed, not to ask for more money for Iraq, but because Congress already said they'd 'lowballed' the escalation costs. The AP Story makes it pretty clear another $2 billion or so needs to be added to the $93.4 billion requested to run the show through September.

You needn't be bothered by that number, it certainly won't cause taxes to go up, and you won't be expected to pay it. Your children will be stuck with the bill, or grand kids. At some point this mess will hit a brick wall, called interest on the debt. That's awhile down the pike, but here's the bad news, we are fast approaching the point where we will not be able to tax ourselves out of the collision. Grover Norquist may have gotten his wish to drown the system in the tub.

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