Tuesday, March 13, 2007

DPO Slate

Baker County Democrats' delegates Mike Braymen and myself were in Salem for the DPO reorganization meeting. Four good people ran for Chair and three good people ran for Secretary, a second candidate for male Vice-Chair materialized and both candidates were fine people, Jill Thorn, rockstar candidate for female Vice-Chair ran unopposed. Meredith Wood Smith is Chair, Jill Thorn and Jesse Cornett are Vice-Chairs, and Becky Gladstone is Secretary. Baker County is 4/4 in this one. I'd like you to think about that for a moment, it is not a case of us going along with the big boys, we got who we wanted.

The toughest vote was male V-C, Bill Kroger has been a standout DPO and it was darn hard not to reward that dedication, talent, and ability. Jesse promised to use his youth outreach and his own (relative) youthfulness as counter balance to the rest of the officers took our votes. If you read this Jesse, you know why and that we're paying attention.

Out here in the 2nd Congressional District we face tough sledding, the Republicans are Republicans and the Indies are a pretty shade of pink. Democrats face some real obstacles and the DPO is only a piece of that puzzle but a valuable one. Our plot needs some careful tending over a long term if it is ever to bring in some crops and we need that understanding at the top. We have got to do youth recruitment, there's way too much grey hair (or lack of) at our meetings, there will be no Party without the young people.

We have a good slate of officers, people who have shown an understanding, and while things will be a little disjointed for awhile with recent resignations, we will move ahead. Thanks to all the people who put themselves up for positions, we need their dedication.


Jenni said...

I saw you there on Saturday, and I'd planned to stop you and say hi. But things were so hectic around there that I didn't get a chance.

It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers in person. : )

Jesse Cornett said...


Thanks for this write up. I never doubted you were paying attention -- one would be a fool to. I look forward to working with you!

Chuck Butcher said...

I'm sorry I missed you. I'd certainly have made time to visit. Next time if I don't see you, kick me or something.

Yeah, actually I've been keeping an eye on you for awhile, now. You've walked yourself into a lot of work and not much thanks from anybody other than the ones "in the know." Youth is a real serious issue for the Party. Some time we'll have a chance to discuss & generally BS.