Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Republican Illegal Immigration Woes

I don't suppose anybody that reads here would be surprised to find that Republican Presidential candidate's positions evolve. (or depending on the candidate are immaculately conceived, etc) We all know that the candidate's stands matters the religious right adores have ... ( evolved is so awkward in this context ) ... changed over time to suit the environment and apparently illegal immigration is another, Mitt Romney has taken to calling the Senate attempt the McCain - Kennedy Bill and deriding it although in November 2005 he called them "reasonable proposals" in the Boston Globe. McCain now also wants something different, Pence's go home and come back approach. Brownback has seemed to support some sort of path to citizenship and is having problems with Iowans over it.

Numbers are a problem, 45% of Republicans say illegals should be deported immediately, compared to 36% of the general electorate. Once the serious campaigning starts these amnesty programs are going to run into more opposition as "respectable" individuals start talking about the realities entailed.

Why should you care? Maybe there's no reason, but business sure cares, ask the Essential Worker Immigration Coalition, "business has always been skeptical about any requirement to make workers leave the U.S. to obtain legal status,” just in case you thought it was about immigrants, they represent service industries. I wonder why wages are so low...

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