Friday, March 23, 2007

Bush's Other War

It's not news that George made Congress a "generous offer" to get to the bottom of the US Attorney firings, I lost count count of how many times that phrase was used, and it will certainly get more currency as days progress and Republicans get their memo. I don't think anyone is especially surprised that Congress didn't take it well, Democrats at least. The presence of Mr Fielding as WH counsel ought to speak to the idea that this fight has been brewing.

Absent the lick spittle Republican Congress Mr Bush's Imperial Presidency has been running into some resistance. The things we're aware of have created some serious resentment among those who think Congress has a bit more power than just rubber stamping a President's agenda. Some Congressmen seem to have that idea as well. The President isn't used to it and doesn't want to be used to it, hence Mr Fielding, John Dean's deputy counsel for RM Nixon. The US Attorneys, Republicans appointed by a Republican were manna for Congressional Democrats, a tussle couldn't be portrayed as them looking out for their own. But it was manna. There is so much "there" that at some point the Congress was going to insist on looking at something the WH didn't want them to and hearing testimony from someone (Rove) that BushCo definitely didn't want on the stand and Fred Fielding is not Albie or Harriet, you're looking at actual competency.

If you're thinking that the WH obstinacy on this means there's something really bad underneath, you're looking in the wrong direction. There may be something really bad underneath but it is not signified by the BushCo reaction. They have to react this way, now. If they let Congress get away with this, there is other real stuff they won't be able to keep Congress away from. George II has over-reached previously, we already know this, that alone can cause him problems and the chances that the known is all of it are slim. People in the Administration know things and can be made to answer about them short of the 5th Amendment and that, as an answer, is a real problem.

When the Committees were being formed after the 06 election some Democrats put a shot across George's bow, they stated that they wanted to know what was going on and would find out. Harriet was out and Mr Fielding was hired. George will be a wartime president, despite Iraq and the war will be with Congress. He has stated that his intention was to restore the Presidency, his successors may curse him. It is rather doubtful that the Democrats would push this far if they didn't have some other Aces up their sleeves, like unhappy people who want to say something uncomfortable. That could put blood in the water.

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