Thursday, March 08, 2007

Do You Know Who K. Lee Blalack II Is?

First if you want to use his services you'd better have lots of money, lots, and then judging from his client list powerful friends and high position yourself. (in other words, not you, reader) People like Bill Frist, the Dukester, and now Sen Domenici get his lawyerly council. Those three are Republicans and seem to have difficulties in ethical matters, but I don't know it it's an exclusive club. You could probably make a pretty good living as a lawyer representing only crooked Republicans. Frist played fast and loose with health care stocks and the law, the Duke liked bribes, and Sen Domenici seems to make phone calls to a federal prosecutor, later fired federal prosecutor, federal prosecutors that wouldn't hurry up a politically sensitive investigation - in time for elections - Democrat investigation - Republicans take a loss election.

Wasn't it the Republicans who told us we had nothing to fear from the government's new investigative powers? Wasn't Domenici one of the Senators who scoffed about it? An ethics committee is nothing new, so why's he so worried? Surely the specter of Scooter getting a fair trial couldn't weigh on him. So why does he need one of the highest powered attorneys in DC? Do you get the feeling I don't like the way these jerks stomp all over the rest of us and try to buy their way out if somebody looks askance at their peccadillo's?

It really is time to seriously clean house, folks.

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