Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Taking The Fifth

Everybody has a right to not incriminate themselves, they also have the responsibility to not do things that would incriminate them, commit crimes. Monica Goodling, Gonzales' counsel and White House liaison, seems to have some worries in that area and will take the Fifth before Congress. Here lawyer says to see Scooter Libby, I don't want to carp, but ringing in Scooter Libby is fairly stupid, he lied under oath and was convicted on four out of five counts. That's a fair amount of lying.

Telling the truth is fairly simple, you recite the facts and that's the show; it gets complicated when you lie and "spin." Somewhere in the lies there's a hole, that hole will suck you in. The alternative is that it's not about fear of a perjury trap, there actually is a criminal act underlying the invocation of the Fifth. Oh boy, that's not good. It gets worse, if there is a crime then somebody else knows and that somebody surely doesn't want to get swamped by it. That means more Fifthes or - baby I'll rat you out in a New York minute. Monica has problems, I'd say employment just became difficult at the least. Lawyers who take the Fifth are useful to not many other than say...crime bosses - or maybe BushCo - if there's a difference.

Tom DeLay shot off his trap the other day about Hitler and big lies, he ought to know, but the point Tommyboy missed is that after awhile those big lies start to unravel and the news gets around. BushCo has told some whoppers and we know about them because they unravelled, sounds like cloth unzipping to me right about now.

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