Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cal Thomas Will Say Anything

Since disclaimers have become popular, I'll start out with one, I think Cal Thomas is a right wing Republican apologist idiot and a hypocrite. Chances are, I'm not going to write something nice about him and his screed.

"Evangelical Christian Voters Maturing Politically" is the headline and here's what's to be had from Cal. They "have come a long way in a short time," from their "nearly unanimous condemnation of Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs a growing number of these 'pro-family' voters appear ready to accept several Republican presidential candidates who do not share their ideal of marriage and faith." Do not share?? Rudy had an affair while married to his second ex with the current Mrs, Newt had an affair with his current Mrs while married to his second ex and she was in the hospital with cancer. They're not too hot on Mitt who is a member of a cult and McCain who has said he thinks some of their leaders are "agents of intolerance." That they are even considering these guys is a "sign of their political maturation and of their more pragmatic view of what can be expected from politics and politicians." It gets better.

"...many of them are awakening to at least two other realities - (1) they are not electing a church deacon; and (2) government has limited power to rebuild a crumbling social construct." They come from states where divorce rates are the highest and they overwhelmingly oppose same sex marriage. "Conservative evangelicals have grown up" even though they can't stand once married Methodist Hillary. He actually wrote this stuff and had it published.

There is a Democratic candidate that I'd rather went home, oddly I agree with the god-nuts on her, but for entirely different reasons. I would prefer some seriously tough talk and hard action from the others - at least the ones in office, but generally speaking I'm not ready to revolt. The god-patrol on the other hand has to stand on its head in order to get along with this bunch. They want a theocracy where they get to tell everybody how to be godly and yet this is the bunch they'll support? You'd require back surgery if you flip-flopped as hard as two of these and a couple others have the marital ethics of an alley cat. Now I don't care if they have open marriages or same sex marriages but for this crew to swallow this stuff is ludicrous. I can't tell if ole Cal is propagandizing his audience or actually believes this.

Speaking of propagandizing, I can see all sorts of opportunities for abetting blood-letting during the Republican Primaries for a progressive PAC. I'd think a "Truth in Politics PAC" could stir the pot real well by publicizing some of the goings on of the candidates, each with his own ad. Targeting the ads to the proper programing ought to be easy enough. I believe I could even donate a couple nickels to such a PAC, as long as it was tastelessly done.


Pete Abel said...


This is off topic, but I thought you'd appreciate this one: http://centralsanity.blogspot.com/2007/03/dear-senator-never-mind.html.

You got to me.

Chuck Butcher said...

I enjoyed it, readers will find Central Sanity in the sidebar.