Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Scooter Takes One For the Team

So, Scooter, 4 of 5 isn't so hot. You could get 20 years, we all know 1-2 would be a real whack, though. If you can drag out sentencing and muck about with appeals long enough, GeorgeII will be headed out the door in time to hand you your pardon. That's taking one for the team.

Funny how nobody in the political end of this administration ever has to take responsibility, yes the Scooter is a fall guy for Cheney and Rove, but it won't cost him more than this trial. You know there's a good Republican employer for Scooter and other people have paid for his lawyering up and like any good criminal he'll work the appeals system so in the end run the only harm is to his reputation, and who is that hurt with? I'll just bet he gives a rat's patoot that the opposition to the current regime thinks he's pond scum.

So in the world of Republican politics all is well, Cheney isn't looking any worse than ever, Rove still has his job, and the Prez hasn't fired all those "leakers." Everybody gets to walk away. I strongly suggest that none of my readers try it, though, you might find the game is played a little differently for you.


KISS said...

"you might find the game is played a little differently for you." Well said.
Don't feel sorry for Libby: he ain't been sentenced yet. He may well never see the dark of a prison cell. The tears from the powerful can be a pardon...ala Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Ollie North committed treason, and they ran him for the Senate.

Others served short sentences.

Iran contra is back, only worse.

Libby MAY serve a whole year, wow! But his golf game won't suffer, he'll have lots of link time.

It is important to realize these "bible thumpers" DO see a little recreational sex as more dangerous than false reasoning, and treason, to start war.


Chuck Butcher said...

As the Right falls all over itself pump up criminal and bash a prosecutor.