Tuesday, August 07, 2007

tired tonight and not running for anything

A tough day of ladder work and then trying to disuade people about me running for HD60 has left me with little time for writing and a need for bed. Seriously, folks. I am not running for any political office and will not run for any in the foreseeable future. I've had a telephone conversation with someone who should have reason to want to know and made myself clear, I cannot afford to serve in Salem.

It is not a question of whether I think I could do my District and Oregon some good in Salem, I believe I could. It is not a fear of losing an election - after all, I asked for the opportunity to try on Greg Walden-bush. It is simply a matter of economics, the salary paid our legislators precludes me from such service. One session would cost me my house and most of the rest of what I "own." I work for a living, if I am not there banging nails my business and I go under. With little to replace that a disaster occurs.

As a state we need to consider that particular situation, our citizen legislature is in reality a rich person's hobby - that or a private contractor such as a lawyer or accountant. I suggested some time ago that we ought to look at using a standard such as HUD's Oregon median income family of four as a salary, it is not so attractive as to encourage long time careerism but not so low as to preclude ordinary citizens from the service. It is supposed to be service, but service is not martydom.

The interest is flattering and I appreciate that compliment; and I'm sorry to disappoint.



KISS said...

I agree with your idea of HUD's median salary as a gage to pay. To keep it non-attractive to be " Professional" legislature is a great point to make. Although a good many legislatures were able to make $40-50+ thousand dollar a year jobs, serving? Oregon voters. Would this mean going after Ferroli's job. I hope someone knocks him off. I see Camby's Scott is quiting...a very good thing.

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